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Innovate Tax dramatically reduces carbon footprint during lockdown

Admittedly this headline wouldn’t be amiss in the tabloids seeing as we were all instructed to stay at home to help stem the spread of Covid-19, however, we still think it’s important to recognise the small but positive impact the lockdown had on our carbon footprint.

Over the course of the lockdown (23rd March – August 1st) collectively we have saved roughly 6.25 metric tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere based on our average daily mileage (250 miles) commuting back and forth to our UK offices.

Before Covid-19 turned the world upside down, we as a business had just formed a new CSR committee aimed at committing our business to become greener and play a more active role in the communities we live in.

Whilst the lockdown put a stop to any of the short-term activities we had planned, I think we can all agree that the emergence of Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our daily behaviours. From shopping habits to new ways of working, these changes are expected to stay and are predicted to shape the future world we live in.

Since the relaxation of the lockdown and returning to our offices we’re seeing some of these changes stick. With more people walking and cycling to work as well as more home working, our overall carbon footprint as a company is being reduced.

We know that more needs to be done and scientists agree that the global drop in CO2 due to worldwide lockdowns will have a negligible impact on the course of global warming, but if we can emerge from the other side of this pandemic taking steps in the right direction then it can only be a good thing.