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LimeLyte® Entity Manager

LimeLyte® Entity Manager is our premier indirect tax manager data tool. It provides a centralised location to manage your VRNs, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of mass validation and a plethora of data cleansing features.

Our solution

The tool that transforms the way you manage VAT registered entities

Whether it’s the ability to effectively process and validate VAT Registration Numbers (VRNs) for thousands of customers and suppliers or the need to cleanse master data to protect your organisation against the threat of audit, we understand the VAT-related challenges you face.

That’s why we designed and developed LimeLyte® Entity Manager – a groundbreaking automated VRN bulk validation solution and master data tool. We’re very proud of our creation, so take a closer look at its impressive credentials and capabilities…

Key Features

What does LimeLyte® Entity Manager do?

Provides complete visibility of your VRNs and entity data

Gain an understanding of your data at a glance in list view with the easy-to-use traffic light system, or deep dive into an individual record for more detail.

You can easily switch between Customer and Supplier views, or both together for a holistic viewpoint of your entire VRN data.

Automated validation schedule and VRN data analysis

LimeLyte® will run checks on your VRNs every 3 months, flagging against a range of issue types, such as name mismatches and formatting errors.

It does this by connecting to official databases via APIs to validate a correct VRN, but goes a step further by comparing the input and output results to identify potential problems.

Acts as your first line of defence at audit

Each VRN has an audit trail including a timestamp of last check and authority-issued confirmation code (where available) – all stored as a history record in your account.

If you make amendments to entity VRN data, this too is logged. You can demonstrate due diligence and compliance to the tax authorities with ease.

Geolocation dashboard helps to identify validation issues by country

You can see where validation issues occur on a country-by-country basis – perfect for providing localised feedback or monitoring specific tax jurisdictions.

Whether you have local teams or a Shared Service Centre looking after your organisation’s entity (Customer and Supplier) data, you have full control over granular access rights for your team(s).

Allows simple checks of single VRNs for ease of use

In addition to bulk validation runs, you can also perform single manual checks as and when you want – with all the same audit and analytics perks applied.

This is ideal when adding new VAT registered Suppliers or Customers onto your ERP system; just copy and paste the VAT Registration Number into the box, and hit ‘Enter’ – simple!

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How does LimeLyte® Entity Manager work?

As a LLEM user, you will benefit from the technology doing all the hard work.

LLEM manages the data for you, saving you time by automating the process at every stage from entering data in the relevant format to verifying your VRNs with the relevant tax authority.

The beauty of LLEM lies in its simplicity. It works something like the diagram below:

*Of course, ‘the rest’ that we refer to below, is a little bit more complicated than that.

But it won’t be the concern of you or your team as you enjoy the vast time savings and significantly increased accuracy that comes from allowing the LLEM application to handle your data.

Data extract

Create data extract from any source system

LimeLyte Entity Manager

Upload the data extract to LimeLyte® Entity Manager

Data processing

The system processes the data and does the rest!*

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What makes LimeLyte® Entity Manager special?

Mass validation of up to 100,000 VRNs every hour

24/7 automated master data cleansing, providing a defence against audit

Data discrepancies instantly identified and flagged via a simple traffic light system

Your VRNs automatically revalidated every three months to ensure continued compliance

Our clients love LimeLyte Entity Manager

Operational benefits

Why our clients love LimeLyte® Entity Manager

Save time, reduce costs and increase accuracy by automating VRN validation

Your team will only be required to act on red flags highlighted on your dashboard, freeing them to focus on more important projects

Eliminate paper trails and reduce human inputs by 99% by relying on automation

Improve the quality and clarity of master data, boosting compliance and protecting against audit

Ensure every tax invoice you file is populated with accurate, valid VRNs and other key data

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