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Vendor Selection

Picking the right tax vendor to work with can be a hassle. Let us make life easier and use our industry expertise to help you pick one that’s right for you. 

Vendor Selection

Need new tax technology, but are unsure which vendor and product is the right fit?

As one of the industry’s most creative Oracle ERP tax specialists, we have developed a range of native solutions to integrate with the world-leading ERP to drive outstanding results for global businesses.


Over the last decade, we’ve built strong partnerships and relationships with all the world’s leading tax technology providers.

That’s put us in the best possible position to understand all the tax solutions on the market, including the pros and cons of each. After discussing your requirements, you can trust us to make an informed, honest and reliable recommendation on what’s right for you.

tax vendor selection

We know every business has different needs and ambitions; therefore, every ERP vendor selection should be unique.



Requirement Workshops

Before we can assess the technology available to you for the tax vendor selection, first we need to appraise your existing infrastructure, processes and key tax challenges. We will hold a workshop to establish your organisation’s vision, the main challenges you face, and your Internal skills and resources to help match you with the best solution.


Tax Engine Requirements Ratification

We consult with you about the requirements we have identified in Step 1 and work to translate them into software requirements and capabilities. We’ll evaluate each vendor’s suitability against various factors, including regions in scope, key software capabilities, and migration or upgrade plans.


Vendor Assessment

Having identified your requirements and understanding your current capabilities, we’ll introduce vendors.

We will arrange demonstrations with selected vendors and hold briefing calls with you. We will then help you select your vendor and provide you with constructive questions to ask. Once this is done, we will debrief you by providing detailed feedback on each vendor.


Innovate Tax’s Recommendation

You’ll receive an executive summary with an overview of our tax technology vendor selection process, with all of our findings highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

We will also create a roadmap that aims to articulate the most efficient and cost-effective implementation, considering all your objectives, stakeholder involvement, and resource availability.

Download our Tax Technology Services guide.


Need a final push to get started?

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