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Our Alteryx Practice

We’re proud to be a collaborative partner of Alteryx. That puts us in a privileged position to help clients by utilising the world’s most powerful data automation tool to tackle tax tasks and empower finance professionals to achieve unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Alteryx for tax

Got a tax issue that’s costing you money or wasting your team’s time? Simple! Automate it with Alteryx…

As the only dedicated tax technology provider to boast collaborative partner status with Alteryx, we are in a unique position to be able to revolutionise the modern tax landscape – and we’re very excited about it!  

Our partnership is designed to bring the remarkable capabilities of Alteryx’s analytic process automation platform and our extensive tax content and expertise together to shape new possibilities for tax teams.

We can help businesses across all industries transform day-to-day manual processes into powerfully simple, automated solutions using Alteryx; delivering time and cost savings alongside unprecedented gains in accuracy and compliance.

Whether you’re interested in acquiring Alteryx for the first time or your business has licences not currently being utilised for tax, we can help.

Alteryx’s impact

What tax tasks can be automated with Alteryx?

Here are a few examples…

VAT returns

Struggling to transfer vast quantities of data from source systems to your VAT returns, while ensuring compliance? Alteryx can do it in seconds.

New regulations

From Brexit to e-invoicing, new regulations are a common headache for tax teams. Automation will help you to adhere to whatever the world throws at you.

Master data

Eliminating the risk of errors or gaps in your master data causing non-compliance further down the line is a must for all tax professionals.

The era of digitalisation

More than 130 countries will have digital requirements for tax by 2025. Is your current configuration capable of compliance?

Business expansion

Manual processes often start to creak as your business grows. But with Alteryx, every workflow is scalable to meet all future requirements.

How Alteryx transforms tax

Alteryx is set to shake up the way tax teams across the world work. It’s simple automation; quick and easy to implement, guaranteed to provide a substantial return on investment and completely tailored to your needs.

It works like this:

Real-life usage scenarios

Scenario 1

Dealing with differences

ERPs and tax engines do not typically follow the same formatting, fields or integrations. With no one-size-fits-all solution, it is common to find discrepancies in data taken from each platform.

How Alteryx can help

Many issues are caused by an incorrect combination of values (e.g. ship to locations). Alteryx can check invoices for certain conditions after tax is calculated within an ERP and/or third-party system and isolate such instances.

Expected outcomes

Any errors or issues are identified instantly and can be immediately resolved. Users will save hours of time compared with using traditional methods, such as combining Excel files and using filters and vlookups to pick up on problems.

Scenario 2

Sales & Use Tax filing processes

Many tax teams still rely on Excel to report out tax filings and highlight potential inaccuracies. As tax becomes more digitalised, the risks of this approach become greater.

How Alteryx can help

Alteryx is used to create repeatable workflows that streamline tax reporting. Its user-friendly interface provides complete visibility of real-time data.

Expected outcomes

Tax teams will benefit from a significantly reduced workload as Alteryx workflows ensure tax returns are reliably and accurately filled. In addition, the risk of human error is eliminated.

Scenario 3

Tax exemption certificates

Exemption certificates can be a huge burden for companies, particularly if the administration is completed in-house via manual processes that are susceptible to human error.

How Alteryx can help

Alteryx can be deployed to identify expired and upcoming certificates, as well as those that are missing or invalid. It provides a comprehensive, automated ‘care taking’ system.

Expected outcomes

Tax teams will no longer need to check, maintain or act upon expired, missing and invalid certificates.

Download our Alteryx Services guide.


Our approach

We’re not the same as other implementation partners. We won’t offer a quick fix based on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, our team of Alteryx specialists will work to understand your business and explore your existing infrastructure before building bespoke
workflows within Alteryx to meet your precise tax objectives. All with almost zero human input; saving you time, reducing costs and eliminating risk.

It’s what we call our uniquely investigatory approach and it’s based on these three steps:

Before you automate, you must optimise. Our experts will work with your team in a series of workshops to understand and document your current processes.

Once optimised, our specialists will transition your manual processes to Alteryx. This will include building all the required controls to support a fully automated workflow.

As part of the deployment and testing phase, we’ll run your new automated workflows in parallel with existing processes to ensure the correct outcome is reached every time.

Work with us

Why choose us for your Alteryx project?

We'll always give you impartial, unbiased advice that's right for your business. Our reputation relies on your success.

We'll be as hands-on or off as you want us to be. You'll receive initial training, but after that you can take full control or we can run Alteryx on your behalf.

Unlike most partners, we'll treat the cause - not the symptoms - of your existing inefficiencies to deliver a long-term fix.

Infrastructure we build using Alteryx is guaranteed to last a lifetime, giving you complete peace of mind that you won't be doing this again in a few months or years!

We promise you will enjoy a remarkable return on your investment. Depending on your exact goals, we'll give you a forecast of the positive impact automation will have on your business.

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