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Native Tax Solutions

Interested in your ERP’s built-in tax functionality? Explore your options for achieving a fully automated indirect tax set-up without the need for third-party software.

Native Solutions

We literally wrote the book on native ERP indirect tax solutions 😉

Most ERP systems feature some degree of in-built functionality for tax – some even being incredibly powerful for dealing with super-complex indirect tax calculations. We’ve developed a range of native solutions to drive outstanding results for global businesses.


What else sets us apart?

Innovate Tax has developed and brought to market the world’s only fully automated indirect tax solution designed specifically for Oracle ERP. With rates, rules and conditions from over 170 countries loaded into our solution, we can install quicker than anyone else.

Enhanced reporting

With inFlyte™, users have access to enhanced reporting services to view significantly more data than standard Oracle reports.

Ease and speed of implementation

Users can produce global tax reports that allow you to file a tax return quickly and efficiently worldwide.

Seamless integration for all

Our solution is not industry-specific. inflyte™ will seamlessly integrate with your Oracle cloud tax platform and deliver exceptional results no matter the business.


With inFlyte™, users can access enhanced reporting services to view more data than standard Oracle reports

Users can produce global tax reports that file a tax return quickly and efficiently worldwide for over 150 countries. Our solution is not industry-specific, as inflyte™ can seamlessly integrate with your Oracle cloud tax platform.

Centralised reporting benefits

  • Withholding Tax requirements
  • Drop shipments
  • Domestic reverse charge

Want to see all the reporting benefits for inFlyte™?

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We utilise our unique RapidInstall™ technology to implement inFlyte™ within your Oracle ERP, ensuring your solution is in place quickly and precisely. This will mean your new configuration is up and running 30 times faster than a traditional implementation.


Training your team

After you understand how the new indirect tax solution works, you can tell us what you need the system to do. We’ve already installed the majority of your configuration; now, you will work with us to build the bespoke element that completes your setup to meet all your requirements.


Tailored Tax Configuration

After the RapidInstall™ step is complete, work begins on the bespoke stage of your implementation – the configuration requirements unique to your business, which are essential to achieve a fit-for-purpose solution.



We will fully support and maintain your platform by updating all the latest rates and legal changes as they happen and dealing with any issues you face in the future. We also have a library of user guides, videos and documents that will help to ensure you use the solution properly at all times.

Download our Oracle Services overview to discover more about how inFlyte™ could help your business

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Are you a SAP user?

If your tax determination requirements aren’t overly complex and you use SAP, it could be that the native functionality within the ERP might be all you need to get going. We will assess your needs and let you know whether you can achieve this or whether you’ll need third-party software.

All ERPs

Tax Engine Implementations

With experienced consultants in Vertex, Thomson Reuters OneSource, Sovos, Avalara and other tax technology software, our dedicated implementation team ensures key data points are clearly defined and conducive to enabling the technology to fulfil its intended function.

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Solution Review

The ERP is integral to any compliant and efficient indirect tax solution. Master data held within the ERP is the key ingredient for success. As part of our solution review service, our team will meet with different areas of your business to understand your tax requirements and finance processes.

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Project Governance

Our team of Oracle ERP indirect tax specialists can help monitor, manage, maintain and steer multi-phase/multi-regional technology projects. We will work with your stakeholders to plan realistic, achievable project goals and create a strategy that aligns with your business priorities.

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Tax Technology Selection

Each Tax Engine available today has its own strengths and weakness, which aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye. We take a clinical approach to help our clients select the right technology to suit their indirect tax needs and will match your needs against the capabilities of each option.

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Get in touch with us today to learn how to present your business case for tax automation technology.

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