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Third-Party Technology Integration

Integrating a third-party solution with your ERP is often the most effective way to achieve tax perfection. We’ve got experience of deploying all major tools and can ensure your project goes without a hitch.

Our solution

Are you approaching a major tax implementation project?

If so, we’re ready to support you with the integration of a third-party tax solution.

A third-party tool can be the perfect way to integrate the specific features and functionality you require within your ERP and achieve seamless tax determination and compliance.

We have extensive experience of helping global clients implement some of the world’s most popular ERPs, tax engines and other systems – and we’d love to help you too!

The benefits

What are the benefits of having us on board to oversee your third-party tax technology integration?

Time saving

We’ll save you hours of implementation and management time, allowing your team to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.


We’ll define the tax scenario matrix and translate this into software requirements, meaning your business ends up with a solution that meets your precise requirements and exceeds expectations.


We configure tax engines to meet your exact needs. We optimise and refine setups to achieve dynamic results.

Data cleansing

We’ll clean your master data to ensure only the highest quality data is being fed into your new third-party system.


Why choose us as your integration partner?

Our teams boasts 100+ years of combined consultancy experience

15 years - that's how long we've been implementing automated tax solutions for global organisations

1 core team made up of 20+ tax technologists based around the world

You won't find anyone with more knowledge of global tax requirements than us!

Innovative, groundbreaking and proven methodology for tax engine implementations

We've delivered tax solutions in 150+ countries across the EU, US, South America, Asia and Africa

Enjoy end-to-end services, including master data cleansing, tax data mapping, interface design and a 24/7 Support desk

Get that Friday feeling every day, with our innovative tax solutions

Get in touch with us today to take the pressure off timely implementation.

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