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Why we’re proud to be supporting local food banks this winter

As the Covid-19 pandemic causes economic pain across the country and what looks to be a tough winter for many approaches, all of us at Innovate Tax are determined to do what we can to support people struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why both our Bognor Regis and Monmouth teams recently held food collections to gather much-needed items for local food banks.

We know there are people in the local areas around both our UK offices that are finding life tough at the moment – and if our donation of tins of beans, sponge puddings, vegetables and much more can help just a little, we’ll be delighted.

After a little research, we picked the Trussell Trust Food Bank in Bognor Regis and Monmouth Baptist Church Centre as the good causes to support.

It’s certainly not a one-off either – we plan to donate even more in October and every month throughout the winter!

“We have been looking at the best ways to help people during the current pandemic, especially around this time of year which is always a struggle for many regardless.

“We felt the food banks in Bognor Regis and Monmouth provided a fast and valuable way for us to give something back to our local communities. Food banks rely on donations to keep running and I’m pleased everybody got on board and we made such a great donation.”

Katie Summerville
Functional Consultant at Innovate Tax and organiser of the food bank drive