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Why we’re proud to be litter picking this winter

Here at Innovate Tax, I am proud to say each and every one of us takes our responsibility for the environment incredibly seriously.

That’s why my colleagues and I in our Welsh office have recently taken it upon ourselves to organise a monthly clean-up day. Our local council in Monmouth has been so helpful in providing us with all the equipment we need and we’re now looking forward to taking extra care of our local area.

When we first came up with the idea we expected some people not to be overly enamoured with the prospect of picking up dirty litter, but the response from everybody has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve already completed our first big clean-up!

We’ve now scheduled the clean-up sessions into our monthly calendars and we’ll all be spending a couple of hours each time to collect and dispose of any litter we find around Monmouth.

As part of the process of getting this up and running, we’ve been speaking about why the environment means so much to us and I’d like to share with you five reasons members of the team gave for wanting to help.

  1. Caring for the environment

Did you know two million pieces of rubbish are dropped every single day in the UK?

  1. Protecting our wildlife

Sadly, the RSPCA receives over 5,000 calls each year about animals trapped or injured by litter.

  1. Representing our business

The clean-up days are great opportunities to spend time with colleagues outside the office, building morale and showing what teamwork can achieve. It’s an activity that all employees can get involved in and, even after one session, we feel a strong sense of achievement.

  1. The price of keeping our town clean

Almost £1 billion is spent cleaning the streets, parks, roads and public spaces of the UK. If we can make just a little difference…

  1. Improving our wellbeing

Litter picking involves plenty of exercise, which as we all know is extremely beneficial to mental wellbeing.

Whatever you do as a business or as an individual, however small you think it is, it is helping. We hope sharing our story inspires you!