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Innovate Tax launches new Tax People Aren’t Boring podcast


Innovate Tax is thrilled to announce the launch of its new podcast, ‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’; a series designed to explore the stories of some of the most successful and inspirational people from the world of tax.

‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’ features guests from across the indirect tax industry, each ready to share the personal and professional milestones that have shaped their journey to date.

Panellists have been carefully selected to ensure a broad array of knowledge and experience from a wide range of positions within the sector, including business and industry leaders, tax professionals and visionaries, and specialist tax service providers.

As its name suggests, ‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’ strives to dispel the myth that tax people are dull or somehow uninteresting. In fact, the podcast goes one step further in shining a deserved light on some of the most insightful, thoughtful and engaging figures from the industry.

Nathan Farmer, Commercial Director at Innovate Tax, says: “The tax industry suffers from a long-held misconception that not only will its subject matter often fail to excite or intrigue, but also that some of the people working within it are unlikely to be the life and soul of the Christmas party.

“Our experience is quite the opposite. In more than 12 years of specialising in indirect tax technology, we’ve worked with hundreds of charismatic tax professionals who have never failed to impress us with their warmth, imagination and humour – not to mention exceptional intelligence in their field.

“We’re therefore incredibly excited to launch ‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’; the first media of its type to overlook the stereotypes and dive deep into understanding what makes tax people tick.

“We believe these episodes will be of tremendous interest, value and entertainment to fellow tax professionals as well as people from the wider finance community.”

Episode One is available to view or listen on Spotify and YouTube now and seven further episodes to complete Series One will drop each Thursday for seven consecutive weeks, with Episode Two releasing 18th July.

In addition to learning more about the backgrounds of each guest, viewers will enjoy their insights on tax topics such as master data management, digitalisation and e-invoicing. They will also hear every guest answer the question: Are tax people boring?

Andrew Bohnet, Managing Director at Innovate Tax and co-host of ‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’, explains: “We’re proud to reveal our new podcast, ‘Tax People Aren’t Boring’. As well as putting outstanding tax professionals in the spotlight and recognising their achievements, we hope the podcast will help to inspire the next generation of tax people.

“We want to understand what matters to people working in tax, how their careers and lives have evolved within the tax space and to highlight the extraordinary assortment of backgrounds and circumstances that led each of our guests to first join and subsequently succeed in the industry.

“Each of the guests in our first eight episodes has a special story to tell and a unique perspective of the tax industry. This has enabled us to record a series of enlightening discussions in which no two episodes are the same; yet all share a common theme of unrivalled passion for tax.”

The full list of guests appearing in Series One is: Pierre Arman, Global Tax SaaS Go-To-Market Leader; Aleksandra Bal, Indirect Tax Technology Leader at Stripe; Jenny Nittmann and Ivo Huffer, Managing Directors at Nitt & Huff; Alex Mann, Director at Harvey John; Daniel Gallon, Assistant Director, Head of Taxation at the Association of British Insurers; Gary Allen, Owner at TeamLogic IT; and Gina Chen, Senior Sales Engineer at Vertex.