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Innovate Tax Announces New USA Business Venture

Each passing month seems to bring forth yet an another exhilarating step forward for Innovate Tax. 

We’ve continued to find successes around every corner – from striking new deals with some very prestigious organizations, to the appointments of highly regarded industry experts, and even launching a brand new website to boot.

The momentum never seems to ebb away, as shown by our latest exciting announcement: we are pleased to declare that we’ve formed as Innovate Tax LLC in the US!

This marks a significant point of growth for the business as we continue to impress on both sides of the Atlantic. The decision to open up shop stateside was driven by an ever-increasing stream of interest from US organizations that recognize the benefit of working with a global tax technology provider, which leads from the front in all forms of indirect tax internationally.

It’s been said before to within an inch of its life, but we are truly living in a “global economy”. For US businesses wanting to trade a bit further afield, and successfully so, this means setting up systems and processes that can deal with the indirect tax obligations of multiple foreign jurisdictions. And we’re seeing a trend in businesses looking to consolidate finance systems too – global businesses are becoming frustrated with having different ERPs in different operating countries, but tax capture and treatment has previously been an insurmountable barrier. With US ERP systems typically geared up for Sales & Use Tax but precious little else, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise when we tell you that Innovate Tax is proving a disruptive force within the industry.

And so, our new US venture comes as more and more businesses come to realize the obvious truth behind who we are and what we do: tax compliance without a smidge, inkling, whiff, modicum, bit of compromise.

Read the full press release about Innovate Tax LLC here.