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Indonesian tax reform gets the green light

A reform of Indonesia’s tax system is imminent after the country’s house of parliament passed a bill that will introduce several key changes:

  • VAT will be increased as part of a two-stage plan.
  • VAT exemptions will be removed for many goods, leaving only those that are necessary for the community, health, education and certain other services.
  • A new carbon tax will be introduced in April 2022 and based on market pricing of CO2 per kilogram.
  • A planned cut to corporate tax will be cancelled.
  • A new top rate of personal income tax will be introduced.

The two-stage change to VAT means Indonesia’s standard rate will rise from 10% to 11% in April 2022, before increasing again to 12% by 1st January 2025.

Other updates announced within the bill refer to a new top rate of personal income tax of 35% for those above a threshold of IDR 5bn and a continuation of corporate tax at a rate of 22%.

With multiple amendments to tax laws in the nation due to come into effect in the coming months and years, it’s a good time for businesses to consider whether their tax configuration is set up to ensure accurate, reliable and automated determination of relevant rates and rules.

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