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Spain and France move one step closer to B2B e-invoicing

Mandatory e-invoicing for B2B transactions in France and Spain has moved a step closer following legislative developments in both countries this month. It means businesses trading in or with two of Europe’s largest economies will be required to fill and file electronic invoices for every

10 top tax updates for July

This month has seen hundreds of new changes made to VAT regimes across the world. Here is our round-up of 10 of the most notable updates: 1) Bulgaria The threshold for registering for VAT in Bulgaria is being increased. The National Assembly has confirmed the

How Europe is using VAT to tackle cost of living crisis

VAT has emerged as one of the major tools at the disposal of the European Union (EU) as it looks to tackle the rising cost of living crisis across the continent. With so many rate changes confirmed or reportedly under consideration, we’re asking tax professionals

15 VAT updates: What’s happened in June?

As the price of fuel increases across the world and inflation surges in many countries, tax authorities are responding by leveraging VAT to minimise the economic damage. Here’s a quick roundup of 15 tax snippets we’ve spotted so far this month: 1) Tanzania Tanzania could