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Greece announces delay to e-invoicing and e-books

Greece has confirmed a delay to the implementation of its new myDATA portal, which will see e-invoices and e-books become mandatory for businesses in the country.

The scheme was due to be introduced on 1st January 2021 but it has now been pushed back to 1st April 2021. It was originally intended for transaction-based reporting to be in place in Greece by 31st October 2020.

Although Greece has said the decision is a result of the economic disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is understood that the portal is still in the development phase. The new 1st April start date means the first set of quarterly

Once the regulation comes into effect, records set to be held digitally include:


e.g. Sales VAT invoices and purchase e-invoices.


e.g. Accounting general ledger transactions, cash ledger payroll and fixed asset transactions.

The Ministry of Finance and Greek Tax Office (AADE) has confirmed the new timeline towards mandatory e-invoices and e-books and all records will soon be transferred to the myDATA portal it is set to manage.

Businesses that have prepared for the 1st January deadline may still proceed with submitting their Q4 invoices.