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How I became carbon negative – all thanks to an app

I came across Treeapp a couple months ago when searching for practical ways to help the environment. If you’re not familiar with Treeapp, it’s an app which allows you to plant a tree a day in seconds, all around the world, at no cost.


You may be thinking that this seems too good to be true (I thought the same), but it’s a completely legitimate app with reputable partners such as The Eden Project. The trees are funded by the sustainable businesses advertised on the app.


Planting trees has now become part of my daily routine and I can do it whenever and wherever I want. This month alone I’ve planted almost 30 trees for many different projects and I’ve offset over 200% of my carbon emissions, so I guess you could say that I am carbon negative which is pretty cool! I’ve managed to plant all these trees, without moving a finger… okay maybe one.


Global warming is a big problem that the world is facing at the moment, it was only last week that an enormous amount of ice split from Antarctica to create the world’s largest iceberg.


As individuals, it’s hard to see how we can help fight global warming without spending big on things like an electric car or solar panels, but you can in fact take a minute a day to plant a tree for a cause you believe in and you will have a positive impact on the environment.