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3 things you’ll learn by taking part in our upcoming workshop

Ever wondered how automated solutions can optimise tax data entry and invoicing processes?

Join the collaborative workshop between Arcivate and Innovate Tax on 17th November (10:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT) to learn more about these processes and how they can deliver on key business objectives.

During the workshop Arcivate will demonstrate its Mi Invoices SaaS solution, which provides automation of the Accounts Payable data entry process. Innovate Tax will demonstrate our solution and show how it maximises the potential of the functionality of E-Business Suite R12.2 eBtax functionality. These demos will include showing you how to:

  1. Achieve 100% compliance

In most cases, mistakes are found during the returns process via spot checks or audits. The financial and legal consequences to these can be huge. Automation of tax determination can streamline internal processes for both Input VAT and Output VAT management, offering you peace of mind that the application of tax treatment at a transactional level is accurate.

  1. Save time

Both our solution and Arcivate’s automated invoicing platform are designed to minimise manual inputs, saving you a significant amount of time. For example, the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation recently revealed it cut the time it took to complete its tax filing from one week to one day through automation.

  1. Lower costs

Aside from costs incurred from non-compliance, a common mistake that businesses often overlook is the claiming back of VAT. Organisations can end up suffering a negative impact to cash flow through the mismanagement of a claim. Equally without applying the correct Output VAT, businesses may not be collecting the correct sum on behalf of authorities, leading to further penalties.

Led by the experts and followed with a chance to question the panel, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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