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US Sales Tax Solutions

Determining and managing Sales & Use tax for the US is tough. But with our US-specific tax data tools, you can ensure compliance while turbo-charging the performance of your entire tax function.

US Sales Tax Solutions

No tax regime in the world boasts as many complexities as the US – so protect your business with a specialist setup

Our origins lie in Europe, but these days we actually empower our clients to automate tax determination in over 150 countries across the world.

Why? That’s simple, we thrive on the challenge of helping businesses to overcome manual errors and inefficiencies by deploying the finest technology on the market.

At the top of the list of challenges for many global organisations in the US. This heavyweight of the transactional tax scene has caused many Finance Directors and Tax Managers a sleepless night or two.

But no longer!

We have developed groundbreaking solutions that allow you to automate tax determination and calculation with ultimate precision in every street, town, county and state across this vast country.

Integrated solutions

Are you standing on any of these starting points?

You need to integrate a tax engine to help determine and manage Sales & Use tax

Sales & Use Tax is something you manage in-house currently and you’d like some technology help

The US is a new tax regime for your team and you don’t know what US-specific tax data tools to use

You need help in building a business case to procure technology to help in the US

You have recently had an audit and need to plan a route to a new audit defence position

You are unsure whether to manage transactions with a third-party tax engine or within an ERP

These are just some of the situations our clients and fellow tax technologists face when looking to build the right solution in the US.

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Our strategy

We’ll help you transform tax in the US by…

Configuring your native ERP functionality to seamlessly manage Sales & Use tax across 45 states

Integrating a third-party tax engine, if this is the best option for your business

Managing an unbiased RFP selection process that prioritises your requirements

Creating and building crucial scenarios and tax matrices

Analysing, cleansing and enhancing your master data

Providing invaluable resources designed to ensure the perfect technology deployment

US Sales Tax Solutions

What is the right choice for you?

While tax compliance software for the US is relatively consistent, we know each client’s needs are different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Identifying the right option for your business will rely on factors that include:

Your budget - additional software can come with a price tag you'll need to justify

Complexity - we know tax in the US is tricky, but the need to ensure ultimate compliance must remain the key consideration

IT policy – what is your ability and appetite to maintain the technology?

The future – we'll always look to future-proof your setup to save you money down the line, but do you have any other critical business goals?

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What we offer

What you get when you work with us?

Every project we’ve ever undertaken has successfully gone live, so you can have complete confidence that we’ll deliver your desired outcomes.

Our team of multi-skilled tax technology professionals and partners are equipped with all the data tools required to tackle tax in the US.

We put automation at the heart of all we do and are proud of the benefits it delivers; from helping clients save time and money to achieving complete accuracy and compliance in every transaction, all with only minimal human inputs.

We also promise you’ll never be passed from one department to another – the team that carries out the initial scope of your project will be the team that takes you live.

Our proven methodology is designed to cultivate an environment in which we build relationships that allow us to challenge one another to push for the best outcome.

Our support

What are the tangibles?

Surely getting a tax solution live is the only real tangible, right? Wrong!

It’s not just a one-hit-wonder. Like anything with moving parts (legislation, software, environmental factors, business changes), it needs to offer the flexibility to be tweaked and updated when required.

We help with this crucial step by providing:

Clean design and review documentation

Training guides

Support desk – 1st line all the way to solution architecture if required

Knowledge centre

Peer-to-peer community access

24/7 support desk

Sales tax content provision of all 45 states that charge Sales & Use tax

Feel more secure when using our tax solutions

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