Amazon Tax, Knowledge Resource Centres and VAT Guides

It seems Amazon has come under the tax spotlight in recent years. You may recall back in October 2018 when The Guardian reported the call for ‘Amazon Tax’ from Dave Lewis, Tesco’s chief executive, who shared that he intended to prevent our high street chains from disappearing.

An extract taken from The Guardian’s website: ‘In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Lewis told the interviewer “Three years ago I talked about a potentially lethal cocktail of pressures in the retail industry and now you are seeing that come to fruition”.

After mentioning the Government’s lack of consideration to the decline in retail stores, Dave Lewis then said that UK Chancellor “Should impose a 2% charge on goods sold online” and said the failure to tax digital firms properly was now an ‘industry’ issue.’

In 2019, Amazon released their ‘VAT Knowledge Centre‘ in a bid to help businesses across Europe become VAT compliant by sharing a collection of resources in relation to invoicing and filing VAT returns.

Now in 2020, vatglobal insists that every successful e-tailer who wants to ensure they’re on top of international tax compliance needs an Amazon VAT Guide for online resellers to help them get started on the complex world of international VAT registrations and compliance.

Source: The Guardian and vatglobal

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