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Discover your indirect tax breakthrough with expert advice from the industry's foremost authorities on ERP technology for tax

Our global multi award-winning team provides an unparalleled service when it comes to having an automated end-to-end Indirect Tax solution.

Navigating the minefield of tax technology

Oracle? SAP? Netsuite? Workday? Sage? There are hundreds of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems on the market, each with its own approach and capability for determining tax.

Strangely, we’ve yet to come across an ERP that is fully blessed with true tax determination functionality as a standard feature (without requiring a bit of help from additional development or third-party software).

There’s a good reason for this… tax is (VERY) complicated…

There are a lot of great solutions in the market that can help you with tax determination and compliance.

But here’s the rub: whatever ERP system you use, your tax needs are your own, so how do you choose the best tax technology option for your business, especially when they all look so good?

With a consultation from Innovate Tax, that’s how

What exactly is it?

To consult is ‘to provide expert or professional advice’ – that is exactly what you’ll receive from Innovate Tax when it comes to indirect tax.

A good consultation isn’t just handing over a proverbial ‘color swatch’, it requires some deep level thinking about what looks good on you, your favorite styles, how you like to shop and what budget you’re working with.

A tax technology consultation from Innovate Tax will:

  • fully appraise your tax requirements , demands and needs, e.g. operating countries / tax registrations, goods / services, recoverability, current risks
  • assess complexity of your business’ required tax treatments, e.g. jurisdictions, tax reporting and other compliance needs such as live invoicing or split payments
  • evaluate the strengths and limitations of your chosen ERP(s) for delivering tax determination in the context of your business
  • inspect and review your current tax processes, including: business systems (including interactions with other systems), resources and people
  • identify any barriers, risks and threats to potential solution integration
  • analyse the findings to pinpoint the best option(s) for your business

Consultation report and afterwards

The consultation findings will be used to generate a series of fully rationalized recommendations specific to your business:

  • market recommendation for tax engine / automation technology
  • risk register and mitigation actions for implementation
  • potential architecture and integration project plan
  • layout of a Tax Control Framework with processes and policies
  • indicative resource requirements

After you’ve been furnished with your bespoke tailored report, you have a number of different options open to you:

  1. Assemble an internal project delivery team to execute the recommendations
  2. Do absolutely nothing whatsoever – you just wanted to explore your options
  3. Appoint Innovate Tax as your implementation partner or to oversee any implementation by a 3rd party/internal delivery team

The best option, option 3...

We’re confident that you’ll find our consultation report so good, you’ll instinctively hand the torch over to us to make your recommendations into reality…

We can be involved as much or as little as you like, but typically clients instruct us to:

  • build your tax technology Centre of Excellence and Tax Control Framework
  • design full your system architecture that’s truly global in nature
  • liaise with service and technology providers
  • guide on procurement and bid management
  • lead on system implementation and integration
  • manage stakeholder engagement and co-ordinate internal resources

What qualifies us?

Essentially, we’ve spent a lot of time building one of the most advanced global Oracle tax solutions on the market today, right from the ground up. Needless to say, we’ve become pretty good at doing it…

Born out of building a global super solution using the Oracle eBTax engine, Innovate Tax has already traversed the gap between ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, Workday or PeopleSoft; adapting their expertise to any tax engine, be it in house or a third-party product such as OneSource, Vertex, Avalara or Sovos.

We still maintain our world class Oracle tax technology division specializing in Oracle on-premise and Cloud ERPs, but we also operate an ERP-agnostic division to oversee the integration of other ERP solutions and third-party tax engines.

What separates Innovate Tax from tax advisories and other tax technology providers is that we see the bigger picture; recognizing the importance of structure, the flow of data, organizational buy-in and making things easy but not over-simplifying the process. It’s never a case of just ‘plugging in’ one piece of software (e.g. Vertex) into another (e.g. SAP).

Why choose us?

Our strapline is ‘Compliance without Compromise’ and we mean that.

We won’t put in a sub-standard solution to make a quick buck. We work hard to ensure our clients are given a solution that is designed for the future but meets the now.

Our team follows a strict methodology when it comes to any part of the tax solution journey, which ensures we do not cut corners and provides protection for any future changes to tax laws.

We have developed a reputation for realism by eschewing convention– approaching automated tax determination pragmatically, i.e. we ‘get it’.

Today we’re a trusted consultant and respected thought leader to businesses and organizations across the world on all things tax technology, committed to helping shape the future of the industry.

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