Tax Centre of Excellence

A mark of distinction for industry leaders that demonstrates their organization's continued commitment to best practice in indirect tax

A hallmark of credible architecture

It’s practically impossible to be aware of every possibility or need when it comes to the execution and management of a company-wide tax agenda…

…unless your work focuses exclusively on implementing tax technology across multiple clients, projects, applications and offerings!

The Innovate Tax team has implemented tax automation for hundreds of customers, and we have learnt along the way what works and what does not.

So when it comes to creating a Tax Control Framework, i.e. redeveloping tax processes, fully automating your tax determination, maintaining what you have put in place, maximizing the efficiency of the compliance and reporting process, and even coming up with a global naming convention, we have done it all before.

Innovate’s ‘Tax Centre of Excellence’ is about the development of a complete end-to-end tax solution and the governance to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

What's involved?

We’ll work with all areas of your business to identify tax risks and transform your tax determination process into an efficient, optimized and cost-effective tax control framework.

We will maximize the use of automation technology to minimize user involvement and risk.

Achieving full tax compliance is the ultimate goal. As tax technicians (IT) as opposed to tax advisors, we look how to achieve this in a different way: by ensuring the data is correctly captured and managed through automation, reporting and compliance flow.

Pragmatism is key

We’ll say it out loud: there is no magic bullet when it comes to building a Tax Centre of Excellence.

We don’t pretend that there is; instead we leverage our expertise to identify:

  • what you have right now
  • what you actually need, and
  • how to pull this all together to give you a tax solution that is “built for the future but meets the now”

We do this by looking beyond determination and system-side reporting processes, to consider wider business processes, training, support, maintenance and continuous engagement (including your existing tax advisory firm).

For your organization, we will look above, below, around, inside, within, upon and every other conceivable angle of your processes to discern a truth pathway for excellence in tax.

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