Turn inquiry into insight with LimeLyte – the indirect tax data visualization toolbox for Oracle ERP.

Gain greater insights into your AP and AR tax transactions, flag erroneous transactional data, identify and correct indirect tax issues with ease.


Identify and correct indirect tax issues with ease


What is LimeLyte® and why is it different?

LimeLyte® is a powerful analytics tool that can prevent and resolve compliance issues.

Created by tax professionals, for tax professionals, LimeLyte’s advanced technology mines tax data held within your ERP systems to identify actionable insights and provide perspectives into the quality of your tax data.

Unlike other indirect tax compliance tools (which are based on historic, non-amendable GL data), LimeLyte’s data science engine runs checks on the sub ledgers (AP+AR) in real-time.
This means you’re able to uncover non-compliant transactions as they occur, way before period-end.


What does LimeLyte® do?

With its friendly, easy-to-use dashboard, LimeLyte® gives you a visual snapshot of your tax data health, directly from your Oracle ERP system.

Want more info? No problem! The portal dashboard links directly to the financial architecture of the ERP, and through focused data viewports, you can manage, control and amend transactional and source data discrepancies by simple and direct drill down functionality.

These viewports provide you with an in-depth look at data, right from the initial point of entry; highlighting key areas where you may need to provide additional training to users or even change business processes.



How is LimeLyte® used by businesses?

We’re glad you asked! At its core, LimeLyte® has been developed as a platform to help businesses pinpoint data inaccuracies for compliant tax reporting.

Such is the power of LimeLyte® that our customers also use it to:

  • check that tax rules are set up correctly
  • validate and adjust automated tax determination solutions
  • identify persistent or recurring errors by type
  • empower managers to develop and train staff
  • monitor performance of remote AP & AR teams
  • populate KPI management reports, e.g. the percentage manual tax overrides entered over a period
  • + much more!

Complete overview of transactional and source data discrepancies

Limit the time wasted on manual adjustments! Identify both erroneous transactional and source data across 18 distinct data and analytical viewports.

The LimeLyte® tool runs a variety of checks in real-time on all transactions flowing through the AP + AR sub ledgers and flags any potential issues. This allows the tax department to manage issues before they are reported at the end of the period.

Recognize and arrange issues using our traffic light system

Quickly separate and sort transactional and source data errors by order of their severity using LimeLyte’s simple traffic light system.

With LimeLyte’s drill down functionality you can rectify problems on a transactional level – at source in the ERP. When an issue is fixed, simply change the severity status to ‘green’ and it’ll remove itself from the dashboard.

Deep dive into your data with a variety of analytical pages

As well as flagging data issues, LimeLyte’s analytical viewports will help you gain a deeper understanding into your business processes.

You can view purchasing categories, check potential problematic transaction types, spot trends and highlight areas for automation.

Identify and rectify repeated user error

No matter the level of automation, when humans interact with a tax solution, there is always the risk of human error.

Users with little knowledge of global tax legislation often make tax decisions that can lead to non-compliance.

LimeLyte® can identify users who make mistakes and highlight the need for additional training to minimize the risk of recurrences.

User-friendly dashboard interface

You no longer need to be an IT professional to access tax data held within the Oracle ERP! Visualize the health of your tax solution with ease, via LimeLyte’s intuitive user interface.

Personalize your dashboard preferences, create control breaks, filter data, run reports, export to CSV, PDF and more, to help simplify your daily tax management tasks.

Easily view your tax logic

You don’t need to be an Oracle IT expert with complex access permissions to get under the hood of your Oracle tax solution configuration!

You can quickly access difficult-to-find data that’s not readily available in Oracle (without having extensive knowledge of the Oracle ERP), allowing you to be less reliant on IT and more efficient within your team.

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