The diamond standard for indirect tax compliance; combining the power of inFlyte™ automation and LimeLyte® analytics, bolstered with our exclusive TwiLyte™ learning portal.

24 carat tax automation

Oracle’s eBTax and Cloud Tax modules, fused with Innovate Tax’s pre-loaded content, are arguably the most powerful tax engines on the market today.

Capitalizing on Oracle’s tax extensibility functionality, our solution makes it possible for you to achieve full indirect tax automation on a global scale.

InFlyte™ provides the full tax automation for 150 countries right out of the box. On one client project, we started on a Monday and by Wednesday afternoon we had 37 countries ready for testing!

The speed of implementation and extensiveness of the default logic we provide you is unmatched. You’ll also secure our world-class industry expertise before, during and after the project implementation.

To top it all off, you’ll receive enhanced tax reporting for ultimate control.

Achieve flawless clarity

LimeLyte® is an industry first and answer to what tax managers have been craving for years – visibility and transparency of their data in real-time.

The LimeLyte® dashboard is a real-time indirect tax analytics powerhouse that is designed to identify tax issues as they happen so that you can react and correct the issue before it becomes a problem.

With a rise in the amount of data that tax authorities are now demanding at an ever-increasing rate, businesses can ill-afford to continue without reliable diagnostic capabilities, showing you both transaction and source data issues.

Forget about those compliance tools that are based on historical GL data that may tell you where the problem is when it’s too late. Only LimeLyte® delivers the flawless data clarity you need to find issues before invoices have even been paid or accounted.

Polished brilliance

TwiLyte™ is the powerful new support service exclusively for BriteLyte™ customers.

As the name suggests, TwiLyte™ is designed to take care of your tax automation after the sun has set on the project implementation phase.

With its cutting edge, user-friendly online interface, TwiLyte™ is a team engagement/management platform, built to help your business stay tax compliant and maximize your investment long after ‘go live’.

Its features include:

  • Helpdesk and ticket support system
  • Dedicated LMS (Learning Management System) with a raft of courses for different job roles and responsibilities
  • Live web chat with account managers
  • Member-only content, such as guides, how-to documents and video tutorials
  • Up-to-date Wiki catalog of tips and tricks

Our support tool is a one stop portal for all your tax training, latest information on changes happening worldwide, and issue resolution where you can chat with one of our support team or raise a ticket.

Managers can track user progress through learning with course assessments, providing confidence that teams are processing transactions with correct tax treatments etc.

For end users, TwiLyte’s gamification approach allows course delegates to achieve awards and ‘level up’ upon course completion, as a sign of their proficiency and continued development in tax.

For more information on how TwiLyte can benefit your business, visit the Who’s it for? section.

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