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If you’ve reached this page, you’ve got an edge of distinction about you, we can tell.

Like you, we appreciate that a good indirect tax system is a ‘work of art’.

'Don't be an ass'

As the old (and completely made up) adage goes, ‘foolish is the buyer that pays for a racehorse, but gets a donkey’.

In this surrealist expression, The Procurers seem to lament upon this very position: we see a standard mule, dressed in all the silken livery that adorns a typical thoroughbred racehorse.

But they are, of course, very different animals.
On the one hand, a donkey is hard working, often able to carry heavy loads without complaint. On the other, the racehorse is built for a purpose – to run at speed and, crucially, to win.

It’s important for those looking to procure, to secure the investment. A ‘bells and whistles’ sales pitch may provide comfort in the near term, but have you seen how long the racetrack is? Do you know what hurdles you need to overcome?

It’s about plotting and planning what you need now, with an eye on what you’ll need tomorrow. It’s a full on specialism to define the correct specification for tax technology in light of tax requirements.

Get a racehorse, let us help.

Check out our Vendor Selection and Technology Review services

'Rogue traders'

In this creation, the artist expresses their ability to create a home, an infrastructure, the perfect ‘nest’ to nurture and rear its young.

We can see that the plans might have gone slightly awry – in the caretaking and building of such an ornate homestead, our birds (an allegory of IT practitioners in general) do not seem to notice that their efforts have attracted an altogether different beast.

The same is true for tax determination, tax control functions and processes: it isn’t enough to deploy outstanding craftsmanship in your IT landscape, or have something that may ‘look’ or ‘feel’ right on the surface, it actually has to be fit for the purpose.
All too often tax automation and determination is executed by technically savvy teams that understand the code, but not the tax.

Visit our Technology Services page to find out how we can help.

'Systemic uncertainty'

If you’re looking to make sure what you’ve got it fit for purpose, we can help with a Technology Review.

If you’re more concerned with the data within your systems, then you need TaxMaster

'Manual mayhem'

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'A gap in de_fence'

Wanna make sure you’ve got the best audit defence? You neeed TaxMaster

If you want to keep those data animals contained for good, check out LimeLyte Entity Manager.