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LimeLyte Visualization – v23.1.0 (June 2023)

LimeLyte Visualization Release v23.1.0 June 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest release of LimeLyte Visualization, which includes the integration of the popular Bootstrap framework and a brand-new custom user interface design. This update has been designed to provide a seamless and consistent experience for our users while adhering to Innovate Tax application design guidelines.

We have also introduced a custom user interface design inspired by Entity Manager – one of our other applications in the LimeLyte suite. The new design provides a fresh user experience to LimeLyte Visualization while maintaining consistency with our commercial products. This ensures our users can quickly adapt to the new UI and use our applications more efficiently.

We’ve also made some other additions and improvements:

What’s new

Manually Entered Tax Details

Payables’ Page now uses Interactive Grid style report which allows the user to have better control of the output.

AP Invoices On Tax Hold

Page now displays additional Release details and some fields that relate to line level Tax details have been removed.

Extract Process

Performance improvements have been made to the Extract Process when extracting data for Traffic Light pages based on the Creation date of the transaction.

Traffic Light Fields

The field names of the Total discrepant counts at the header region of Traffic Light pages have been changed to the following :

  • Total Records
  • Needs Attention
  • Pending Review
  • Review & Passed