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Author: Carl Robinson

Mountain range with snowcaps on a blue background

LimeLyte Visualization – v23.1.0 (June 2023)

LimeLyte Visualization Release v23.1.0 June 2023 We're excited to announce the latest release of LimeLyte Visualization, which includes the integration of the popular Bootstrap framework and a brand-new custom user interface design. This update has been designed to provide a seamless and consistent experience for

Download: Tax Technology Practice

Transform your tax workflows with robust, refined and future-proofed technology for your ERP. BETTER Tax Technology is rapidly becoming a necessity for enterprise level businesses trading across multiple tax regimes with multijurisdictional compliance requirements. However, it is often the case that the in-house knowledge and

Case study: RX

Leveraging Oracle ERP to automate tax determination and calculations across 22 countries for the world’s leading events organiser. Key points Full automation of tax transactions within the Order Management module in Oracle. Instant, reliable determination and calculation of tax across multiple regimes based on the

Mandatory e-invoicing coming to Vietnam

E-invoicing will become mandatory in Vietnam on 1st July this year, ending a decade-long scheme by the country’s government to find a solution to reduce VAT fraud. The introduction of compulsory e-invoicing was originally scheduled for July 2020 but was postponed. In October 2020, it

Brexit tax rules… part deux

You may have seen a few weeks’ back our article ‘5 Brexit tax rules you need to know before 1st January’ on our news feed – if you haven’t, make sure you check it out.   ***Please be advised that this is date specific and